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Three Overlooked Questions That Can Affect a Financial Plan


It’s always a good time to sit down with clients to review their financial goals and plans. But the new Trump administration gives advisors an extra reason to touch base with clients who may be wondering how this change may impact public policy and the financial markets.

Advisors and Firms Must Now Adapt to Survive


Everyone is talking about the uncertainty around whether the Department of Labor’s proposed fiduciary rule will be delayed further due to the executive order from President Donald Trump, or if it will be implemented at all. What they are not talking about is how — in response to the fiduciary rule’s planned introduction and preparations for it — the business of financial advice has changed and what advisors need to focus on to grow their businesses.

Umesh Mishra: GaN and power to the people and planet


The wide bandgap semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) has been out of the lab and into products in some markets for almost a decade. But this is a new and exciting time for GaN as it finds its way into rapidly expanding high-speed, high-power applications like data centers, motor drives, EVs, and more. A significant player in this “GaN Revolution” is global semiconductor company Transphorm, Inc.

Why Financial Advisors Need To Be Coaches


Financial advice is best delivered in the context of a long-term relationship between a financial advisor and a client. Keeping a client for the duration of that financial journey can be hard work. Advisors who approach each client relationship like a coach, with a focus on helping their clients achieve positive financial outcomes and maintain their financial discipline over the long-term, will be the ones who develop a successful partnership that will stand the test of time.

Transphorm launches first automotive qualified GaN FETs


Transphorm’s second generation, JEDEC-qualified high voltage gallium nitride (GaN) technology has passed the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q101 stress tests for automotive-grade discrete semiconductors. These are the first such GaN FETs, says the company.

Groups recommend ways to fight financial fraud


The Anti-Fraud Collaboration, a coalition of the Center for Audit Quality, Financial Executives International, the Institute of Internal Auditors and the National Association of Corporate Directors, has released a new report on how organizations can deter fraud and improve financial reporting.

State Bankruptcies: Why Obamacare Will Never Be Repealed


The Trump administration, along with Congress, is hard at work on their quest to repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). Last week their proposal passed through two House committees and is moving on to a budget panel before it hits the floor.

5 ways to build quality financial plans amid DOL fiduciary rule uncertainty


As advisers grapple with an uncertain regulatory environment, increased competition and fee compression, it’s imperative for them to focus on strengthening client relationships. One of the best ways to do this is by creating and implementing a culture of quality financial planning.

Hanson McClain “Money Matters”


Growth Opportunities Can Appear When Re-examining Financial Advice, Plans


The business of financial advice is changing. People want more transparency, there is fee compression, robo advisors are entering the business to provide formulaic advice and clients, as well as financial advisors, are nearing retirement age.

Establishing the reliability lifecycle of GaN power devices


Extensive reliability testing is an essential phase of any new product or technology. Transphorm utilizes standard JEDEC qualification testing prior to commercializing its GaN (gallium nitride) FETs to ensure that the quality of the devices will meet customer expectations for reliability. However, since the JEDEC tests were originally developed for silicon technology, Transphorm’s testing has gone beyond the minimum requirements of JEDEC testing by running tests on a much larger number of devices than the minimum required. In addition, aggressive accelerated life testing was also performed.

6 Ways to Protect Against the Biggest Threat in Retirement


It’s the job of a financial professional to help clients pay for their health care costs in retirement. But what if you could help them control these costs, too?

Top 15 Risk Factors for M&A


In an uncertain economic year, its not surprising the M&A market was equally as rocky. In March, mergers and acquisitions declined more than 55% in value from the prior year period only to bounce back in October with four of the year’s top 10 deals and $250 billion in announced transactions. As 2016 comes to a close short of last year’s record-setting levels, what risk factors are acquirers worried about most before closing their next deal?

Think DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Is Too Strict? Blame SEC


The investor watchdog talks to ThinkAdvisor about why SEC Chair White is a ‘bad SEC chair for investors’ and why the Social Security trust fund isn’t as important as many think

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Clients


The holiday season provides advisers with a great opportunity to show clients how much their business is appreciated. Gifts can say something special: From books and documentaries to picnic blankets and pecans, we’ve assembled some great ideas from advisers.

Kevin Knull’s 6 Parts of a DOL-Friendly Financial Plan


Kevin Knull, president of PIEtech, creators of MoneyGuidePro, tells ThinkAdvisor what fiduciary advisors need to know about their clients.

Big Companies: Don’t Wait on New Revenue Rules


Bloomberg BNA’s Corporate Law & Accountability Report is available on the Corporate Law Resource Center. This news service keeps corporate practitioners informed of legal developments of…

Pin4 Targeting US Unbanked and Underbanked Market


Pin4 Partnership Rounds Out Viamericas’ Payout Network


International licensed remittance company Viamericas Corporation and Pin4®—the U.S.’s first independent cardless cash ATM network—today announced completion of their partnership initiative targeting the peer-to-peer (P2P) payments market. The initiative integrates Pin4’s cardless cash withdrawal technology with Viamericas’ recently launched digital money transfer platform, Vianex. This integration expands the Vianex payout network’s value proposition by adding more physical cash withdrawal locations while increasing access to underbanked and unbanked customers.

New book offers advice on how to navigate the post-DOL rule world


New government rules require that financial advisers put their clients’ interests first when recommending what to do with their retirement savings. But no one has defined what good advice actually means or how to accomplish it — until now.

Book Review: “Exploring Advice” Contains Insights from 39 Industry Thought Leaders


According to Kevin Knull, CFP®, the President of PIEtech, the developers of MoneyGuidePro financial planning software, the financial industry is undergoing a revolutionary shift driven by five key factors: The Department of Labor’s new regulations, asset management commoditization, fee compression, an increasingly competitive environment, and a more informed consumer. Given these trends, Knull felt there was need for a book to help improve the industry, so he crowdsourced a book that explores the aspects of a good financial plan and quality advice.

Exploring Advice: How to know if you’re delivering good advice and quality plans


Telcodium introduces first redundant power supplies using GaN FETS: Product of the Month


It’s finally happening: the first redundant power supplies using GaN FETs. They shrink the footprint by 30% and improve total system efficiency to 94%

Companies Lack Incentive to Cut Back Financial Disclosure


Regulatory efforts to reduce and improve information in corporate financial filings lack one important ingredient: incentives.

Pin4 Cardless Cash Payouts


Why Cash-Back Rewards Aren’t Just For Credit Card Companies Anymore


Loyalty programs are gaining steam as retailers of all sizes look to attract new customers and build relationships over the long term. From the simple coffee shop stamp and earning points toward free travel, to cashing in a rebate check toward a new smartphone and earning cash back, loyalty programs are being credited for everything from strengthening brand awareness to driving sales.

6 Ways to Protect Your Pocketbook From Sky-High Medical Bills


Dan McGrath, the co-founder of Jester Financial Technologies, a small health care data company in Beverly, Massachusetts, remembers being in the dentist office with his retired mother and realizing he’d made a grave mistake.