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Company acquisitions: How to not only survive, but thrive


Although acquisitions are a business norm, since the coronavirus pandemic, the number of companies being acquired seem to have ramped up. ATM Marketplace interviewed Nick Pellegrino, president of SVW, a company recently acquired by Powerhouse, and asked him to share his thoughts and insights about the acquisition and the future for SVW.

Crowley construction company announces new CFO


People thought Dianna MacDonald was crazy to leave her job of nine years in the middle of a pandemic to lead financial services at a company she had never heard of.

Financial execs report renewed confidence in Q3


Financial executives are starting to return to pre-pandemic levels of confidence about the future of the economy, according to the “Quarterly Priorities Survey Q3,” by Financial Executives International and Deloitte.

Things to consider for companies preparing for 2020 year-end audits


The end of 2020 is on the horizon, and auditors at calendar-year companies are already planning and beginning their audits. The usual annual challenges of implementation of new accounting standards and related internal controls persist, but this year-end is unlike any other, as firms are dealing with changes to their businesses and the economy overall as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recovery watch 2021 and beyond: What we’re in for


Don’t count on a V-shaped recovery, as many initially predicted. Instead, buckle up — we’re in for a much slower and K-shaped recovery.

SEC Gives Limited Direction on New Workforce Disclosures


The SEC won’t likely give companies formal guidance to help them report details about how they manage their workforces under new disclosure rules, an SEC official said Wednesday.

PCAOB adjusts plans for coronavirus


The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has been making changes to its strategic plans and agenda in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it sees auditors doing more work remotely and facing issues with auditing financial statements issued during the pandemic.

No ‘Green’ Accounting Standards on Horizon for U.S. Rulemaker


U.S. accounting rulemakers don’t plan to tackle questions about whether companies need to report so-called environmental, social, and governance issues like how climate change affects their business or howthey treat employees.

Loan Loss Standard: Airing Set for What’s Working, What Isn’t


U.S. accounting rulemakers are planning a December meeting to discuss “the good, the bad, and the ugly”about the biggest change to bank accounting in decades, the board’s technical director said Wednesday.

FASB deals with uncertainties from pandemic and election


Financial Accounting Standards Board Chairman Richard Jones had to deal with the coronavirus pandemic just as he was starting the transition with immediate past chair Russell Golden, and now he is facing the uncertainty of the presidential election and what Congress might do with accounting standards.

Weathering the Storm


Inarguably, nothing is as it should be. The pandemic has dramatically affected how we do business, how we forecast, how we plan. It’s hard to know what’s coming next for the most part. But there is one thing we can count on. One thing that hasn’t changed — storm season.

NABA looks to partner with firms to diversify accounting profession


The National Association of Black Accountants is hoping to expand its partnerships with accounting firms and corporate America to bring more diversity to the accounting profession.

What you need to know when adding or updating curbside pickup service


Prior to the pandemic, it could be argued that many (if not most) restaurants offered takeout while some actually had curbside pickup.  The same could be said about some retailers that, in an effort to outpace competitors with stellar customer service, had already introduced online or phone ordering with in-store pickup or in-car delivery.  However, curbside pickup today has shifted from being a nice-to-have to a must-have as consumers continue to seek ways to safely distance while still taking advantage of business offerings across the country.

These hidden fees are taking a bite out of your retirement savings


The cost of investing in your 401(k) plan at work is hitting new lows. Too bad hidden fees can chomp away at your savings. Generally, it’s cheaper to invest in your retirement plan at work, versus going out on your own to shop for mutual funds.

Finance Teams Kept More Hands on Deck in Q2 to Navigate Rough Waters


Far fewer finance teams planned on cutting headcount in the second quarter of 2020 than in the first, according to a survey released this week by Financial Executives International in collaboration with Deloitte. Meanwhile, the percentage of companies reporting a drop in working capital balances in Q2 rose by a third as the pandemic took hold.

Financial execs take wait and see approach amid coronavirus uncertainty


Financial executives are hesitant about their organization’s future working capital, demand for products and services, and talent retention, according to a new survey.

16 Key Signs That You Will Always Be In Debt


Getting into debt is easy — and the numbers prove it. About 80% of Americans across generations are currently in debt, a 2019 Nitro survey found. And the total amount of household debt in America is nearly $13.95 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s most recent report on household debt and credit.

CFOs Ration Capital as Economic Uncertainty Stretches into Q3


Financial leaders are rationing dwindling pots of cash as the economy continues to limp along with only the hope of a vaccine likely to turn the business climate around, according to a survey released Monday by Financial Executives International.

Powerhouse To Offer Allied BioScience’s SurfaceWise2


Powerhouse, a national construction, facilities maintenance, and rollout service provider, is enhancing its suite of COVID-19 response services. The new service will enable Powerhouse to apply SurfaceWise®2, proven to be the first and only surface protectant to continuously remove pathogens from surfaces for months with a single application.

Covid Fallout Threatens Financial Reporting Guardrails, CFOs Say


The economic blow and staff reductions suffered by companies in the wake of the pandemic are straining safeguards critical to accurate financial reporting, Financial Executives International warned Thursday.

Finance Leaders Laser Focused on Effects of COVID-19, FEI Survey Reveals


Finance execs work to manage coronavirus issues amid dire conditions


Financial executives are taking a two-phase approach to managing coronavirus issues that face their companies, according to a new survey.

Finance Execs Rethink Office Space, Staffing During Pandemic


Finance executives are reconsidering office space and staffing needs as they steer their companies through the health and economic crises brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

To fight fraud, manage culture


Organisational culture plays a key role in enabling detection, mitigation, and prevention of financial fraud and misconduct, but leaders need to be active in assessing and shaping internal culture, according to a new study by the Anti-Fraud Collaboration.

Best Robo-Advisor Performance 2020 – Plus Tips to Choose a Robo


As a multi-decade investor I know the allure of high investment returns. It’s wonderful to imagine that a fund’s 20% one-year return will continue into the future. Many investors make that assumption and jump into the funds with top returns.



The 10th Annual Audit Fee Survey Report, released by the Financial Education & Research Foundation (FERF), reveals average audit fees increased 4.25% from 2017 to 2018, with new accounting standards from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) cited as the primary reason.

Accounting Background No Longer Needed For CFO Jobs


Having an accounting background is no longer a must for a company’s chief financial officer (CFO), according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

For example, when directors of Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital were looking for someone to fill the role, they were more worried about hiring someone who had experience with raising debt and equity, and they didn’t care if the person was a former accountant.

Why You Don’t Need to Be an Accountant to Be a CFO


Directors of Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc. congregated in the boardroom in late 2018. On the agenda: the ideal résumé of their next finance chief.

They wanted to fill the impending vacancy with someone who had expertise in raising debt and equity—a priority for the Annapolis, Md.-based investment firm.

Audit fees level off in 2018, study shows


In the newest installment of its annual analysis of audit and non-audit fees, Audit Analytics reports public companies paid an average of $511 in audit fees for every $1 million in revenue. That is the same average amount as in 2017, but it represents a decrease from $537 in 2016 and $515 in 2015.

Audit fees keep rising, thanks to new accounting standards


Average audit fees increased 4.25 percent from 2017 to 2018, going from an average of $2,220,251 in 2017 to $2,314,703 in 2018, mainly driven by new standards from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, according to a new report.

Accounting Changes Main Driver of Audit Fee Spike for Companies


Major, back-to-back accounting changes meant companies paid more to their external auditors in 2018 compared to a year earlier.

Average audit fees increased by 4.25% between 2017 and 2018, with a majority of companies—66%—pointing at new revenue recognition and lease accounting rules from the Financial Accounting Standards Board as the reason, according to a Wednesday report by a research affiliate of Financial Executives International.

Companies Shell Out More in Audit Fees to Tackle Accounting Rule Changes


Annual audit fees continue to rise for U.S. companies as they adapt to an onslaught of new accounting rules and regulatory changes.

The average hourly fees public companies pay to external auditors have climbed 31% over the past decade to $283 in 2018, according to a new survey of finance executives by the Financial Education & Research Foundation.

16 Key Signs That You Will Always Be In Debt


Getting into debt is easy — and the numbers prove it. About 80% of Americans across generations are currently in debt, a 2019 Nitro survey found. And the total amount of household debt in America is nearly $13.95 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s most recent report on household debt and credit.

How Women Shoppers Can Beat the Pink Tax


Products marketed to women are often more expensive than similar products and services for males. From haircuts to medication, gender-based pricing is problematic for female and male consumers alike, and it’s costing tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

Guide to internal controls in business combinations released


Financial Executives International and its Committee on Corporate Reporting have released a new guide on internal control considerations for business combinations.

SEC Flags Cash-Flow Measure That Made WeWork Look Profitable (1)


The parent of WeWork, Lyft Inc., and Peloton Interactive Inc. have all been touting a cash-flow metric that shows that their core services are profitable—after subtracting key costs like rent, marketing, and stock compensation.

Schwab-TD Ameritrade deal shifts ‘balance of power’ in digital advice


A multibillion-dollar deal places custodians firmly in control of the future of digital wealth management, a dramatic reversal of disruption predictions from just a decade ago.

FASB makes deferral official for leases, CECL, hedging and insurance standards


The Financial Accounting Standards Board officially delayed the effective dates of its accounting standards for leases, credit losses, hedging and long-duration insurance contracts by issuing a pair of accounting standards updates Friday.

FASB approves guidance to help with LIBOR transition


The Financial Accounting Standards Board approved an accounting standards update Wednesday to help companies make the transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, to newer reference rates like the Secured Overnight Financing Rate, or SOFR.

Finance projects often fail, but they don’t have to


Nearly 87 percent of the most recent projects undertaken by financial executives failed to meet either their original timeline or scope, according to a new report.

FASB clarifies hedge accounting standard


The Financial Accounting Standards Board released a proposed accounting standards update Tuesday aimed at clarifying some areas of its 2017 hedging standard for derivatives.

Regulator Considers Adjusting Rules Guiding Audit Firms on Quality Control


Changes in technology and the structure of audit firms have prompted a U.S. regulator to consider tweaking rules governing the controls audit firms use to determine the quality of their audits.

SEC Adds Extended Audit Report to Disclosure Review List


The Securities and Exchange Commission has already started reviewing the new extended auditor reports that began trickling out in August.

Proposal Aims to Simplify, Expand Hedge Accounting


Companies using derivatives to manage earnings fluctuations could get easier accounting treatment.  The Financial Accounting Standards Board on Nov. 12 released a proposal that seeks to simplify and expand hedge accounting, the specialized accounting technique that allows business balance sheets to reflect how they manage risk and keep swings out of earnings.

SEC: Talk to Us Before Using Adjusted Loan Loss Numbers


If a business about to adopt the biggest change to bank accounting in decades plans to use non-sanctioned accounting to report its finances once the new rules start to apply, it needs to talk to the SEC first, agency officials advise.

Two PCAOB Members Indicate ‘Cultural Change’ Is Goal


Two members of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) remained mum on reports of infighting, politicization and a remarkable dropoff in inspection activities, but they did say that what observers are witnessing is a long-term effort to change the organization’s broader culture, according to Accounting Today.

Your Loved One Just Made a Huge Money Mistake — Now What?


Finances can be a touchy subject, so when a family member, friend or romantic partner comes to you with their money problems, it can be tough to know the right way to approach it. Should you offer advice or just be a good listener? Should you ever lend money or give financial help to a loved one, or will this make things too complicated?

Your Loved One Just Made a Huge Money Mistake — Now What?


Finances can be a touchy subject, so when a family member, friend or romantic partner comes to you with their money problems, it can be tough to know the right way to approach it. Should you offer advice or just be a good listener? Should you ever lend money or give financial help to a loved one, or will this make things too complicated?

FASB issues accounting update for share-based payments


The Financial Accounting Standards Board issued an accounting standards update Monday to simplify and increase the comparability of accounting for nonemployee share-based payments, specifically those made to customers.

U.S. Audit Overseer Focuses on Quality, Defends Inspections


Two leaders of the U.S. audit regulator tried to tamp down concerns that the agency has become too political and could lead to weaker auditor oversight.

PCAOB considering further overhaul


The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board could be making more changes ahead as the audit firm regulator deals with a tumultuous series of transformations in the past two years with an all new set of board members, an overhaul of much of its staff, and the recent replacement of one of its board members with a White House aide.

Will Vanguard’s new robo squeeze out smaller players?


Vanguard’s planned low-cost robo advisor could represent one of the greatest threats to the independents that spawned the automated advice movement in the first place.

What Do Most 401k Plan Sponsors Use: a 3(38) or a 3(21) Adviser?


We previously outlined the differences (and similarities) between a 401k adviser acting in a 3(38) capacity vs. acting in a 3(21) capacity (see “What’s the Difference Between 3(38) and 3(21) 401k Advisers?”, August 6, 2019). Delineating these comparisons leaves open the obvious questions: What do most 401k plan sponsors do? Moreover, are we witnessing a change in preference as new state and federal laws and regulations have slowly been introduced into the marketplace?

Does An Inverted Yield Curve Always Predict A Recession?


Headlines blared when a rare anomaly occurred in the bond market. While the yield curve has been inverted in a general sense for some time, for a brief moment the yield of the 10-year Treasury dipped below the yield of the 2-year Treasury. This hasn’t happened since the depths of the 2008/2009 recession. The news was enough to cause our roller-coaster markets to suffer its worst drop this year.

Paid blogging is ‘big business’ for robo advisors


In the digital advice arms race, the biggest independent brands have embraced what some call a questionable marketing tactic to win clients: paid bloggers.

The strategy of online affiliate marketing – tapping parent companies and paid bloggers to attract prospective clients and paying for new prospects – is legal, and the industry’s leading independent players openly disclose their use of such marketers.

Finance execs face hiring and automation challenges


Financial executives in the U.S. and Canada are having trouble finding skilled professionals who can handle both financial and data management, according to a new report.  The report, from the Financial Education & Research Foundation, a nonprofit research affiliate of Financial Executives International, and the global staffing firm Robert Half, found that while 78 percent of the over 1,600 survey respondents believe their current staffing is adequate, only 33 percent in the U.S. and 26 percent in Canada think they are staffed appropriately to manage unexpected projects.

Finance Leaders Embrace Cloud, Automation Amid Talent Crunch


Technology investments for the finance and accounting departments are starting to pay off.  The quicker turnaround of quarterly and annual reports coupled with a shorter workweek reflect the expanding use of cloud technology and automation, said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half.

Finance Chiefs Still Struggling to Hire Skilled Personnel


Finance executives continue to struggle with finding skilled personnel to bring aboard.  Acquiring qualified workers in a tight labor market, relying more on recruitment firms to assist in the process, and spending additional money retaining consultants equipped to tackle special projects have been some of the concerns facing chief financial officers in recent years. CFOs have found it particularly difficult to find qualified applicants with both financial- and data-management experience.

Using The Tax Protection Triangle To Help Clients Limit The Impact Of Taxes


The old adage about investing remains the gold standard for portfolio management—“it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” Each year, as clients receive 1099s for their investment accounts, the issue of taxes from investment holdings—capital gains, income, mutual fund distributions, etc.—generate a discussion with their advisor.

CPAJ News Briefs


Chief accountants and controllers from some of the nation’s largest companies have told FASB that it should backpedal on a proposal that would require them to disclose more details about their income tax payments overseas. The potential changes would be costly to prepare, and some of the resulting information could confuse investors, a technical committee of Financial Executives International (FEI) told the board.

Without financial knowledge, will operations managers lose their seat at the table?


Managing overhead costs are more important than ever, as companies look for ways to fund expansions or enter new markets.

Best Robo-Advisor Returns YTD – June 2019


Investors love lists of the best robo-advisor returns and robo advisor performance data. If your robo receives a good robo advisor ranking then you’re happy because you believe that you made the “right” investment choice.

Here Are The Best Global Robo Advisors 2019


Robo advisors are all the rage the these days, promising access to wealth management tools to the masses that was previously only available to an elite few.

With so many robo advisors out there in the market answer the question “which is the best robo-advisor in the market” can be quite difficult.

Top Performing Robo-Advisor Portfolios in 2019


Nummo, a personal financial management platform, on Friday reported the best 2019 year-to-date performers among some 250 robo-advisor portfolios.

Companies, Investors Pan Planned Income Tax Disclosures


It’s hard to find anyone happy about a plan to force companies to reveal more accounting details about the income taxes they pay.

Multinational companies from the Walt Disney Co. to Microsoft Corp. say the information requested by the Financial Accounting Standards Board will be a pain to compile and misleading to the public.

How to Modernize the Treasury Department


Treasury departments can provide advanced value to companies by aiding with planning and meeting goals for efficient operations, innovative credit and cash management, and other market opportunities.

The $1.26T digital milestone that may spell trouble for Vanguard


Vanguard’s robo advisor may soon have competition at the top.

The firm’s Personal Advisor Services still claims the largest portion of digital client assets, topping $106 billion in AUM last year. But competing offerings from discount brokerages — like Schwab’s Intelligent Portfolio — may soon vie for the crown, according to the latest study of digital platforms by Aite Group.

How to Gift Stocks and Bonds


BEING FORTUNATE ENOUGH to make financial gifts to loved ones or charities is a blessing, but in the case of stocks, bonds, and securities, there are special considerations investors should make before doing so.

Voices Bridging the finance generation gap


Senior-level financial executives are looking for new skills and abilities from the next generation of accounting and financial reporting professionals. In fact, a combination of strong soft skills (like communication and creativity) along with a background in new technologies (such as data analytics and artificial intelligence) are the most highly valued traits sought after by finance organizations, according to the Financial Education & Research Foundation and Robert Half’s 2018 Benchmarking Accounting and Finance Functions report.

Tax Law Fallout Yields These Five Fiduciary Facts For Retirement Savings


Just as accounting firms and the CPAs that inhabit them can finally breathe a sigh of relief, a sudden realization has overtaken their tried-and-true maxims. The calculus for retirement saving has shifted dramatically. This can bear heavily on the retirement plan fiduciary. Why? Because it may no longer in some people’s best interest to save for retirement in the manner they’ve grown accustomed to.

In a challenged sector, how one IBD is navigating a barrage of changes


Jack Oujo admits he may have flubbed the initial call. The 26-year HD Vest Financial Services advisor and former minor league baseball umpire first balked at the largest tax-focused independent broker-dealer’s clearing switch to Fidelity’s National Financial Services. Upon further review, he says, it looks much better, thanks to tools like eMoney and a new client portal.

Why You Should Be Investing in Commodities


Investors seeking the perfect stock market hedge just might find it by investing in commodities. Commodities are the raw materials that are either consumed or used to build other products. From orange juice, to timber, oil and gas or gold, commodities take many forms.

Robos survived a volatile year. What happens when it’s worse?


Buoyed by a decade-long bull market, robo advisory firms have made significant inroads in the U.S. wealth management market since the financial crisis — assets on digital platforms are now expected to top $1 trillion by next year.

Robos survived a volatile year. What happens when it’s worse?


Buoyed by a decade-long bull market, robo advisory firms have made significant inroads in the U.S. wealth management market since the financial crisis — assets on digital platforms are now expected to top $1 trillion by next year.

Voices Private companies should proceed cautiously as filing deadline approaches


Many private companies will benefit from the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act thanks to a key provision of the law that provides certain private businesses with a 20 percent deduction for certain qualified pass-through business income.

1st Global president prepares for HD Vest, Blucora deal


David Knoch, the president of 1st Global, is getting ready for the close of the acquisition of his financial advisory firm by Blucora, the parent company of HD Vest, and is making plans for aligning with a former rival.

How 401k Plan Sponsors Can Mitigate Fiduciary Liability Associated with Target Date Funds


Previously, we outlined and examined the often unanticipated problems that can bedevil unsuspecting 401k plan sponsors (“5 Areas Where Target Date Funds Increase 401k Plan Sponsors’ Fiduciary Liability,”, March 26, 2019). If these represent the poison, what antidotes can be help save 401k plan sponsors from that unwanted fiduciary liability?

5 Areas Where Target Date Funds Increase 401k Plan Sponsors’ Fiduciary Liability


In his best-selling book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, behavioral psychologist Robert Cialdini describes a half dozen “weapons of influence.” He defines one of these – “Social Proof” – as the condition in which “we view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it.” With Target Date Funds (“TDFs”) growing by more than 10 times in roughly 10 years to exceed a trillion dollars in defined contribution assets, you don’t need much more evidence to conclude we have Social Proof.

Voices Which business entity your clients have matters a lot to their taxes


While there was a lot of hype and media coverage of the anxieties of individual taxpayers this year, the small business owner need not feel overlooked. That is because the 30 million or so small businesses across America were all asking the same question: Am I operating in the correct entity to maximize tax savings?

2019 Latest Robo-Advisor News from Robo-Advisor Pros


This month brought with it a variety of robo-advisor news. From new offerings for UAE residents to reminders about how successful diverse portfolios can be, February brought a lot of updates to the robo-advisor world.

How QDIAs Have Changed the Fiduciary Role of 401k Plan Sponsors


Target date funds are the fastest growing segment on the 401k investment menu. In the more than ten years since they’ve become a default staple in 401k plans, target date funds have certainly changed the retirement prospects for employees. How have these investment vehicles changed the roles, responsibilities, and even the fiduciary liability of the plan sponsor?

Has New Tax Law Twisted Business Owners Best Interests When It Comes to Retirement Savings Plans?


Small businesses make up the vast bulk of the businesses in America. They may be full-time businesses, or they may be side hustles that bring in a few extra bucks during the moonlight hours. Many of these businesses are family-owned, especially the part-time businesses.

Taxpayers turning to accountants to help navigate new tax law


Consumers are confused this year about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect them and are asking tax professionals for assistance with their taxes, according to a new survey.

Tech Innovation Catch-Up Tops CFO To-Do List in 2019


Innovations like data analytics and automation aren’t reaching corporate finance as quickly as CFOs and controllers would like, prompting them to make a big tech push in 2019.

Corporate Controllers Step Into the Spotlight as CFO Role Evolves


The role of the corporate controller, often the finance chief’s second-in-command, is expanding as CFOs delegate more of their traditional finance leadership work—a stressful evolution for some finance veterans who are stretching beyond their historic focus on process and efficiency.

Here’s How Robo-Advisors Performed During Stock Market Turmoil


Robo-advisors have exploded through the previous few years, with the promise to handle and develop your cash based mostly on algorithms and know-how whereas providing cheaper pricing in comparison with conventional human choices.

3 Cases for Annuities in a Turbulent Market


While there’s nothing unusual about volatility in stock markets, the big swings up and down we’ve experienced recently can amplify anxiety for those clients who are nearing retirement.

February 2019 Robo-Advisor News – Wealthfront, Bonds + More


This month brought with it a variety of robo-advisor news. From new offerings for UAE residents to reminders about how successful diverse portfolios can be, February brought a lot of updates to the robo-advisor world.

Best Robo-Advisor Performance 2019 – Plus


As a multi-decade investor I know the pull of high investment returns. It’s wonderful to imagine that a fund’s 20% one-year returns will continue into the future. Many investors make that assumption and jump in to the funds with top returns.

Tipping the Scales: Could Unit-e Finally Break Blockchain’s Scalability Impasse?


Amid a seemingly constant stream of new concepts claiming to be key to crypto to breaking through to the financial mainstream, one immovable issue remains ever-present: scalability. The crypto community is abuzz with new projects relating to the issue, from the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network to a brand new cryptocurrency designed by some of the top names in crypto and American academia.

MIT, Stanford and others to build blockchain payments network to rival VisaNet


Seven major universities are working together to develop a digital currency network that solves blockchain’s scalability and performance problems before public confidence in the technology erodes.

Distributed Technologies Research: Swiss Blockchain and Decentralization Foundation


Distributed Technologies Research, found online at, is a non-profit organization that aims to promote research and decentralize the future.

MIT, Stanford Academics Design Cryptocurrency to Better Bitcoin


Some of the brightest minds in America are pooling their brain power to create a cryptocurrency that’s designed to do what Bitcoin has proved incapable of: processing thousands of transactions a second.

Best Robo-Advisor Performance 2019 – Plus


As a multi-decade investor I know the pull of high investment returns. It’s wonderful to imagine that a fund’s 20% one-year returns will continue into the future. Many investors make that assumption and jump in to the funds with top returns.

New study sheds light on how robo-advisors perform during market turmoil


Robo-advisors have exploded during the past few years, with the promise to manage and grow your money based on algorithms and technology while offering cheaper pricing compared to traditional human options.

Here’s How Robo-Advisors Performed During Stock Market Turmoil


Robo-advisors have exploded during the past few years, with the promise to manage and grow your money based on algorithms and technology while offering cheaper pricing compared to traditional human options.

New study sheds light on how robo-advisors perform during market turmoil


Robo-advisors have exploded during the past few years, with the promise to manage and grow your money based on algorithms and technology while offering cheaper pricing compared to traditional human options.

Revenue Recognition, Leasing Rule Changes Boost Audit Fees


Major changes in accounting rules for revenue recognition and leases have pushed up audit fees for publicly traded companies.

Audit fees for public companies rise at faster pace


Though overall audit fee increases were modest, average public company audit fees grew at nearly twice the previous rate last year, according to a new report.

New GAAP rules drive audit fee increases, poll says


New accounting standards along with mergers and acquisitions are driving modest increases in audit fees, according to a new survey from the Financial Education & Research Foundation.

Rate of Growth in Audit Fees Doubled in 2017: FERF


The median rate of growth in audit fees for public companies doubled for 2017 compared with the prior year, according to research released on Tuesday.

The median reported fee increase among 83 public-company respondents — a majority of them at Fortune 500 companies — was 2.5%, following a median hike of only 1.3% for 2016.

New Accounting Rules Drove Up U.S. Audit Fees in 2017


U.S. public companies paid a median of 2.5% more in 2017 to auditors for assuring that their financial statements are free from material misstatements, according to an annual survey by the Financial Education & Research Foundation.

Fee-Based Planning: A New Model For A New Era


Regulatory unrest, digital innovation and growing wealth within new generations are pushing financial advisors to innovate their services and reassess their fees and costs. Tried-and-true models that base compensation on assets under management or commissions from investment products are quickly losing favor with a new kind of investor ― one who values a personalized, multi-dimensional, long-term approach that goes beyond transactions or AUM.

SEC Spotlights Areas of Subjective Judgement in Letters to Early Adopters of Revenue Rules


The Securities and Exchange Commission is homing in on subjective accounting decisions made by finance teams as the regulator reviews how companies comply with new revenue recognition rules.

Data, Graphics & More: 5 Skills Accountants Need for the Future


Accountants will need to pick up some new skills as automation, machine learning, and eventually, blockchain, begin to seep into their everyday work, some of the profession’s leading innovators told Bloomberg Tax.

Fuelled by a Fresh Funding of US$ 1.9 Million Swiss-Based Nummo Launches PFM Platform


Nummo, a personal financial manage­ment platform that provides a singular view of your financial health across multiple banks announced that they closed a funding round of US$ 1.9 million.

Hybridity Key To Betterment’s New Initiatives


Betterment ranks as one of the high-profile success stories coming out of the robo advisory market revolution, however changes are coming to the company’s robotics-based business model.

Are There Too Many Robo Advisors


The robo advisor industry is rife with new entrants but the loss of others, begging the question: Are there too many robo advisors?

New Lifetime Withdrawal Rider Offers Creative Withdrawal Option


A variable annuity policyholder typically collects guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits from an insurer when the account value drains to zero, but a new annuity rider allows insurers to start those payments even if there’s money still left in the account.

6 of the Newest Trends in Robo Advisors


Fintech robo advisors are blanketing the financial landscape – the robo advisory market is expected to reach between $2.2 trillion to $3.7 trillion in assets under management by 2020 and $16 trillion by 2025.

To realize their true potential, CPA firms must take themselves off of autopilot


What’s holding your accounting firm back? Chances are it’s not your marketing, your business model or your methods holding your CPA firm captive — it’s your mindset. The single greatest factor determining your firm’s success and satisfaction is your mindset.

‘Freedom’ is the key to Sammons’ new variable annuity


What makes a skeptical advisor sit up and notice a new variable annuity contract? Three factors rank high: ample equity exposure, a guaranteed floor income, and maximum ability to access the money in the contract.

Insurers Need to Give Retirement Savers What They Want: Bill Lowe


Back in early 2012, Bill Lowe was out promoting a new Sammons Retirement Solutions variable annuity contract designed for the shaky financial world left after the horrors of the 2007-2009 Great Recession.

3 Annuities to Watch: Sammons, Athene, Manulife


Sammons Retirement Solutions has introduced a variable annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider. The new LiveWell Freedom Variable Annuity contract automatically includes a GLWB with a 2% minimum gain, and a 75% share of S&P 500 Index gains. The annual GLWB charge will amount to 1.45% of the GLWB value.

Penguins and Rock Stars: Luxury Concierge Servces Thrill Clients, Build Loyalty


If a wealthy client was throwing a black-and-white themed birthday party for his son and wanted 40 penguins delivered for the occasion, would you know whom to contact to make this dream come true—and strengthen your relationship with the client in the process?

Sammons Rolls Out Variable Annuity with Fewer Financial Restrictions


Digital Transformation Could Add New Jobs – Survey


More finance chiefs are looking to add workers to aid in the transformation toward a more digital workplace rather than reduce headcount, according to the latest report by staff firm Robert Half International Inc.

Transphorm Pumps Up Production


In just the last few days, California-based Transphorm has launched its third generation 650V GaN FETs, designed for high voltage power conversion applications. Targeting industrial, data centre, renewable and power supply applications, the latest devices offer a 4V threshold – an industry first for GaN FETs and eliminating the need for a negative gate drive – lower electromagnetic interference and reduced device price.

COSO offers enterprise risk management certificate 


The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission, also known as COSO, has introduced a COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate program for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in the COSO ERM Framework.

The most important skill for financial advisors, according to clients


To attract new clients, financial advisors would do well to have tax expertise and preferably a CPA qualification. That’s according to a new report which shows that 66% of affluent and emerging affluent consumers say they prioritize tax knowledge, while 47% of the survey’s respondents say they most associate the CPA designation with financial advice.

Got Tax Mojo? Survey Shows Affluent Americas Seek Tax Expertise from Financial Advisors


A new survey of affluent and “emerging affluent” consumers shows that 66 percent view tax knowledge to be the most important factor when choosing a financial advisor. Also, nearly half of respondents (47 percent) associated the CPA designation with financial advice, with 40 percent associating CFA’s with financial advice.

Tax know-how and CPA credential rank high for financial advice


Tax knowledge is considered to be the most important factor when choosing a financial advisor, according to a new survey, which also found the CPA credential to be the one most associated with financial advice.

FERF report examines blockchain use by financial execs


The Financial Executives Analysis Basis, the investigation affiliate of Financial Executives Worldwide, has introduced a report in conjunction with Deloitte on how blockchain technological innovation is getting utilized in financial programs.

Got crypto? Here’s how to avoid an audit from the IRS


Whether you were paid in ethereum or you sold some of your bitcoin in 2017, one key question will determine your responsibility to the IRS: What’s your cost basis?

Practical Guidance for GaN Power Conversion


More than 10 percent of electricity is lost in power conversion, even as silicon (Si) semiconductors are optimized to their utmost level of efficiency. This loss equates to tens of billions of dollars in wasted energy, along with systems that run hot and require additional cooling mechanisms—meaning more money and physical space spent generating power. Which is why the industry is shifting toward alternative materials, like wide bandgap semiconductors.

FERF finds more evidence of audit cost creep in 2016


Another new study confirms public company audit costs inched upward in 2016, albeit by a smaller amount than in 2015.  The latest analysis by Financial Executives Research Foundation says public filings show public companies paid a median 2.6 percent more in audit fees in 2016 than they did in 2015, when fees rose by 3.5 percent.

First GaN power consumer application


The AX1600i 115V PSU apparently achieves 99% efficiency, “increasing power output by 6.5% in an 11% smaller [20mm shorter] package at the same temperature”, said Transphorm, and earns a better-than 80 PLUS Titanium rating.

Libra Just Made it Easier for Exchanges to Remain Tax Compliant


With Bitcoin having broken the $10,000-mark yesterday and currently sitting just shy of that level as of the start of play on Thursday, many holders will be considering cashing out some of their portfolios and converting it to fiat so as to book profits on their longer-term coins.

Yaskawa invests in GaN specialist Transphorm


A few weeks ago Yaskawa revealed its Σ-7 F servo motor relies on Transphorm’s high-voltage (HV) GaN. Transphorm intends to allocate the funds to various areas of its GaN product development.

GaN Chip Vendor Snags $15 Million in Funding


SAN FRANCISCO —High-voltage gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor vendor Transporm has secured $15 million in funding from Japan’s Yaskawa Electric, bringing the total it has raised so far to more than $230 million.

Libra introduces enterprise accounting product for blockchain companies


Libra, which provides accounting, audit, and tax software for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, has released a new enterprise application called Libra Crypto Office, which automates back- and middle-office processes and reporting for funds, market makers and exchanges.

Blockchain Conference: Bitcoin’s At $10,000? Crypto Is Just Getting Started


At the CoinDesk’s Consensus: Invest conference in New York on Tuesday, on the same day Bitcoin hit the $10,000 mark, the crypto space seemed both to have matured and to recognize just how far it had to go.

Venture Deals: Libra


Uber’s moment of truth: Everyone is anxiously awaiting SoftBank’s multi-billion dollar tender offer for Uber shares. But, according to media reports, the offer isn’t so hot. A Softbank-led group is hoping to buy up to 20% of Uber, which has a valuation of ~$69 billion. The proposed price per share is reportedly $32.96, which comes out to a much lower valuation of just about $50 billion. In other words, this is a 30% discount to Uber’s private valuation. The offer is conditional on Softbank buying 14% of Uber’s shares through the tender, so if enough shareholders choose not to tender, it may have to raise its price — or the deal could crumble entirely.

Wrangling Data For Enterprise: Blockchain Company Libra Launches Crypto Office


Libra, a developer of blockchain tax and auditing software, has launched Crypto Office, a new product aimed at the industry’s biggest players: exchanges, market makers and hedge funds.

Libra blockchain startup raises $7.8 million- Series A


The firm announced today, the Series A funding in which the Blockchain startup Libra raises $7.8 million.

The economic assets got from the unnamed family office in Europe. By circular contribution the seed-stage VC firm Liberty City Ventures, Lee Linden an early stage investor and XBTO a crypto market maker formerly functioned for Facebook.

Blockchain startup Libra raises $7.8m


LibraLibra, a pioneer in financial software for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, today announced a $7.8 million Series A round led by a prominent, multi-billion dollar European family office.

Crypto Tax Software Startup Libra Raises $7.8 Million


Blockchain startup Libra has raised $7.8 million in a new Series A funding round, the company announced today.

The financial resources came from a group of investors which included an unnamed family office based in Europe. Also contributing to the round, according to Libra, was seed-stage VC firm Liberty City Ventures, cryptocurrency market maker XBTO and Lee Linden, an early-stage investor who previously worked for Facebook.

SEC comments on leasing expected this year-end


If regulatory posturing on revenue recognition is any indicator, companies can expect the Securities and Exchange Commission to begin scrutinizing disclosures about the pending new lease accounting requirements at this year end.

Unquenchable Appetite for Innovation—Auditors Journey to Leverage Technology in Audit


“How many of you still remember back in 1985, when we started our careers in audit?” Deloitte partner Mark Davis asked attendees at the Financial Executive International’s annual Current Financial Reporting Issues (CFRI) conference in New York City. “We were using 12-column yellow paper, eight-column yellow, pens and pencils, drawing straight lines, and checking things off.” A couple of hands in the audience were raised.

Blockchain: An opportunity for accountants? Or a threat?


The emergence of blockchain technology has led to a concern in the CPA profession that is perfectly understandable.

Technological advances can threaten people’s livelihoods in any number of professions. The development of the internet had a devastating effect on newspaper journalists, and some experts say self-driving vehicles may cause huge job losses among truck drivers.

Automating Finance: Robots, AI and Other Disrupters Headline CFRI 2017


Automating Finance: Robots, AI and Other Disrupters Headline CFRI 2017

OCA trying to understand blockchain technology applications: SEC Chief Accountant


The Office of the Chief Accountant (OCA) is focusing on blockchain technology and its applications, a senior official at U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said recently.

Speaking at the Financial Executives International 36th Annual Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference, chief accountant Wesley R. Bricker said that the OCA is exploring the potential impact of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for financial reporting.

J&J, Aetna CEOs Hit Fee-for-Service System


Running counter to the Trump administration, which is moving to stall changes to the fee-for-service system for paying doctors, the chief executives of two of the world’s largest health-care companies say they favor health-care providers being paid according to medical outcomes rather than on a per-procedure basis.

SEC looks at blockchain technology for accountants and eyes initial coin offerings


The Securities and Exchange Commission is taking a close look at the trend toward blockchain technology, including the burgeoning investments in bitcoin and initial coin offerings.

EY Stresses Replacing the Job, Not the Person, With Robots


Every robot, or bot launched can replace between five and seven full time employees, according to Fran Exley, a partner at EY.  At the same time, companies must remember to focus on talent management as they increasingly turn to robotics and automation to make their finance function more efficient.

Anti-Fraud Collaboration issues case study


The Anti-Fraud Collaboration between the Center for Audit Quality, Financial Executives International, the Institute of Internal Auditors and the National Association of Corporate Directors has released the fourth in a series of case studies highlighting ways to deter financial fraud.

Servo motor first to use high-voltage (HV) GaN


Transphorm Inc. along with Yaskawa Electric Corporation announced that Yaskawa’s Σ-7 F is the first servo motor to use high-voltage (HV) GaN. Transphorm’s technology enables Yaskawa to deliver better performance in a smaller form factor versus what is possible with incumbent silicon semiconductors. The groundbreaking achievement of this co-developed device is that the Σ-7 F integrates the servo amplifier with the servo motor itself. Further, Yaskawa’s use of Transphorm’s GaN FETs produces an integrated servo motor half the size of a similar design using Silicon (Si) technology.

Driving the Adoption of High Voltage Gallium Nitride Field-Effect Transistors [Expert View]


High-voltage (HV) gallium nitride (GaN)-650-950 V- field-effect transistors (FETs) are becoming the next standard for power conversion. They provide costcompetitive, easy-to-embed solutions that reduce energy loss by more than 50%, shrink system size by more than 40%, and simplify power converter/inverter design and manufacturing. These benefits are being realized today in various markets, including consumer, industrial, server, servo motors and drives, solar, telecommunications, and electric vehicles. So what is driving this current industry momentum, and what more remains to be done to further quicken this adoption?

Whitepaper Examines Best Practices for Companies Transitioning from Emerging Growth Status


Financial Executives Research Foundation and Donnelley Financial Solutions, Inc. today released a white paper examining best practices for companies that are maturing out of Emerging Growth Company (EGC) status per the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act of 2012.

GaN? SiC? Or, do you prefer silicon? (German)


Inzwischen stehen neben Leistungshalbleitern aus Silizium auch solche aus GaN und SiC zur Verfügung. Das macht es dem Praktiker nicht einfacher, das richtige Bauteil für seine Anwendung auszuwählen. Ziel des Anwenderforums Leistungshalbleiter am 22. und 23.11.2017 ist, da Klarheit zu schaffen.

4 Best Ways to Use Advanced Analytics


Predictive and prescriptive analytics help companies use the increasing amounts of data to improve their business and financial performance. Predictive analytics use statistical analysis, data modelling, real-time scoring, and machine learning to detect trends for forecasting. Prescriptive analytics rank the trade-offs of different courses of action companies may take to reach certain objectives, for example through scenario modelling.

The New Skillsets CFOs Need to Acquire to Provide Strategic Leadership


Many CFOs are frustrated by how often their companies face significant new business threats, a study by the Financial Executives Research Foundation suggests. Of the 55 financial executives of Fortune 500 companies interviewed for the study, 24% said they don’t see significant changes and unknown threats to the business until it is too late.

Companies grapple with leasing standard complications


Organizations are finally starting to prepare for the new lease accounting standard that will be taking effect in 2019, but as they do they’re running into some unexpected complexities. Deloitte partners Jeanne McGovern and Derek Bradfield convened a panel last week at a Financial Executives International conference in Philadelphia to discuss the leasing standard.

Survey: Financial Leaders Understand Risk, But Few Feel Ready


Despite the importance of aligning risk with their core business strategy, only 25 percent of financial leaders feel they are able to execute a proper response to risk, and almost 60 percent feel they are too late in recognizing the key risks imperiling their businesses.

Skills that help CFOs handle disruption strategically


Many CFOs are frustrated by how often their companies face significant new business threats, a study by the Financial Executives Research Foundation suggests.

Google Sees Minor Change to Revenue as a Result of New Accounting Standard


Add Google Inc. to the list of companies that expects little change to their financial results from the FASB’s sweeping new rules for recorgnizing revenue. The internet company, which adopted the standard one year ahead of its 2018 effective date, recorded revenue for 2016 that was $15 million lower than it would have been if calculated under old revenue rules. For a company with $425 billion in revenue, the decrease felt like a “rounding error,” said Josh Paul, director of technical accounting for Google.

Regulator: Make Sure Judgments on Revenue Accounting Match up With Internal Controls


The FASB’s landmark revenue accounting standard erases U.S. GAAP’s industry-specific guidance for the sales proceeds from construction projects, software deals, and real estate ventures, among others. Without the detailed accounting requirements for individual industries, companies have to use more judgment when they calculate the top line of their income statements. This means businesses must have proper controls in place to ensure the veracity of these judgments, an SEC official said on June 27, 2017, at a Financial Executives International conference in Philadelphia.

As Pace of Standard-Setting Slows, Effort to Aid Implementation of Major Standards Picks up


After years of watching the FASB develop major new accounting standards, companies now have to start following them. First up is the sweeping revenue recognition standard, which goes into effect in 2018 for public companies. Lease accounting changes hit public company balance sheets in 2019, and new rules for estimating losses on bad loans follow the year after.

Executives Uneasy Over Lease Accounting IT Systems


U.S. companies—facing challenges on how they will account for some of their leasing contracts under new rules—are starting to worry about whether the computerized systems they’re putting in place will be ready for the complex tasks required.

North American, European cardless ATM cash access providers unite to pursue global goal


HalCash North America, introduced in the U.S. in 2015 under the brand name Pin4, has announced the acquisition of a majority equity ownership stake in HalCash International.

PIN4 acquires controlling stake in HalCash International


PIN4HalCash North America (HCNA), referred to in the U.S. as its operating brand Pin4™, announced the acquisition of a majority equity ownership stake in HalCash International (HCI).

PFC totem pole architecture and GaN combine for high power and efficiency


The Open Compute Project (OCP) was begun by Facebook, in an effort to reduce OPEX and CAPEX of hyperscale data centers, by openly sharing data center solutions and building blocks between interested companies. Google joined the OCP in 2016 and Bel Power Solutions has been providing OCP-compliant power solutions since OCP began.

PE-backed Pin4 aquires HCI


Pin4, which is backed by Ashby Point Capital, has acquired Madrid-based HalCash International, a developer and owner of mobile phone-based technology that enables cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs. No financial terms were disclosed.

FEI Says Tax Reform May Significantly Affect Financial Reporting


The Trump administration and GOP lawmakers are calling for a major overhaul to the U.S. tax code. If the final changes are as sweeping as the proposals lawmakers have put forth, the implications for the accounting for income taxes will be significant. The largest U.S. companies want the FASB to closely monitor the legislation as it works its way through Congress to soften the final effect on financial reporting.

U.S. Accounting Rulemakers Urged to Mull GOP Tax Reform Impacts


A prominent business group said that U.S. accounting rulemakers should start to informally engage with companies about the implications of potential U.S. tax law changes.

Bel Power introduces ac/dc power supply using Transphorm GaN FETs


The Transphorm 650-V GaN JEDEC-qualified semiconductor is part of the TET3000-12-069RA power supply from Bel Power Solutions. The supply uses the Transphorm GaN-based bridgeless totem-pole PFC topology to achieve greater than 96% efficiency. The power supply is on display during the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe conference as part of the co-located showcase in the HY-LINE Power Components booth.

Transphorm showcasing GaN FETs at PCIM Europe


At the 2017 Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe expo in Nuremberg, Germany (16-18 May), Transphorm Inc of Goleta, near Santa Barbara, CA, USA – which designs and manufactures JEDEC-qualified 650V gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs) for high-voltage power conversion applications…

Transphorm Bringing the GaN Revolution to Nuremberg


At the 2017 Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe expo, Transphorm Inc. will demonstrate high voltage GaN’s momentum in the market. Various displays will exhibit the advantages of Transphorm’s high voltage GaN FETs when used in power electronics systems including power supplies, servo motors and photovoltaic inverters. Further, the company will showcase its recently announced AEC-Q101 qualified GaN FET—the industry’s first automotive-grade GaN technology.

Three Overlooked Questions That Can Affect a Financial Plan


It’s always a good time to sit down with clients to review their financial goals and plans. But the new Trump administration gives advisors an extra reason to touch base with clients who may be wondering how this change may impact public policy and the financial markets.

Advisors and Firms Must Now Adapt to Survive


Everyone is talking about the uncertainty around whether the Department of Labor’s proposed fiduciary rule will be delayed further due to the executive order from President Donald Trump, or if it will be implemented at all. What they are not talking about is how — in response to the fiduciary rule’s planned introduction and preparations for it — the business of financial advice has changed and what advisors need to focus on to grow their businesses.

Umesh Mishra: GaN and power to the people and planet


The wide bandgap semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) has been out of the lab and into products in some markets for almost a decade. But this is a new and exciting time for GaN as it finds its way into rapidly expanding high-speed, high-power applications like data centers, motor drives, EVs, and more. A significant player in this “GaN Revolution” is global semiconductor company Transphorm, Inc.

Why Financial Advisors Need To Be Coaches


Financial advice is best delivered in the context of a long-term relationship between a financial advisor and a client. Keeping a client for the duration of that financial journey can be hard work. Advisors who approach each client relationship like a coach, with a focus on helping their clients achieve positive financial outcomes and maintain their financial discipline over the long-term, will be the ones who develop a successful partnership that will stand the test of time.

Transphorm launches first automotive qualified GaN FETs


Transphorm’s second generation, JEDEC-qualified high voltage gallium nitride (GaN) technology has passed the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q101 stress tests for automotive-grade discrete semiconductors. These are the first such GaN FETs, says the company.

Transphorm introduces Silicon Valley Center of Excellence


Transphorm Inc of Goleta, near Santa Barbara, CA, USA, which designs and manufactures what it claims are the industry’s only JEDEC-qualified 650V gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs) for high-voltage power conversion applications, has formally introduced its Silicon Valley Center of Excellence.

Groups recommend ways to fight financial fraud


The Anti-Fraud Collaboration, a coalition of the Center for Audit Quality, Financial Executives International, the Institute of Internal Auditors and the National Association of Corporate Directors, has released a new report on how organizations can deter fraud and improve financial reporting.

State Bankruptcies: Why Obamacare Will Never Be Repealed


The Trump administration, along with Congress, is hard at work on their quest to repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). Last week their proposal passed through two House committees and is moving on to a budget panel before it hits the floor.

5 ways to build quality financial plans amid DOL fiduciary rule uncertainty


As advisers grapple with an uncertain regulatory environment, increased competition and fee compression, it’s imperative for them to focus on strengthening client relationships. One of the best ways to do this is by creating and implementing a culture of quality financial planning.

Hanson McClain “Money Matters”


Growth Opportunities Can Appear When Re-examining Financial Advice, Plans


The business of financial advice is changing. People want more transparency, there is fee compression, robo advisors are entering the business to provide formulaic advice and clients, as well as financial advisors, are nearing retirement age.

Establishing the reliability lifecycle of GaN power devices


Extensive reliability testing is an essential phase of any new product or technology. Transphorm utilizes standard JEDEC qualification testing prior to commercializing its GaN (gallium nitride) FETs to ensure that the quality of the devices will meet customer expectations for reliability. However, since the JEDEC tests were originally developed for silicon technology, Transphorm’s testing has gone beyond the minimum requirements of JEDEC testing by running tests on a much larger number of devices than the minimum required. In addition, aggressive accelerated life testing was also performed.

6 Ways to Protect Against the Biggest Threat in Retirement


It’s the job of a financial professional to help clients pay for their health care costs in retirement. But what if you could help them control these costs, too?

Top 15 Risk Factors for M&A


In an uncertain economic year, its not surprising the M&A market was equally as rocky. In March, mergers and acquisitions declined more than 55% in value from the prior year period only to bounce back in October with four of the year’s top 10 deals and $250 billion in announced transactions. As 2016 comes to a close short of last year’s record-setting levels, what risk factors are acquirers worried about most before closing their next deal?

Think DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Is Too Strict? Blame SEC


The investor watchdog talks to ThinkAdvisor about why SEC Chair White is a ‘bad SEC chair for investors’ and why the Social Security trust fund isn’t as important as many think

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Clients


The holiday season provides advisers with a great opportunity to show clients how much their business is appreciated. Gifts can say something special: From books and documentaries to picnic blankets and pecans, we’ve assembled some great ideas from advisers.

Kevin Knull’s 6 Parts of a DOL-Friendly Financial Plan


Kevin Knull, president of PIEtech, creators of MoneyGuidePro, tells ThinkAdvisor what fiduciary advisors need to know about their clients.

Big Companies: Don’t Wait on New Revenue Rules


Bloomberg BNA’s Corporate Law & Accountability Report is available on the Corporate Law Resource Center. This news service keeps corporate practitioners informed of legal developments of…

Pin4 Targeting US Unbanked and Underbanked Market


Pin4 Partnership Rounds Out Viamericas’ Payout Network


International licensed remittance company Viamericas Corporation and Pin4®—the U.S.’s first independent cardless cash ATM network—today announced completion of their partnership initiative targeting the peer-to-peer (P2P) payments market. The initiative integrates Pin4’s cardless cash withdrawal technology with Viamericas’ recently launched digital money transfer platform, Vianex. This integration expands the Vianex payout network’s value proposition by adding more physical cash withdrawal locations while increasing access to underbanked and unbanked customers.

New book offers advice on how to navigate the post-DOL rule world


New government rules require that financial advisers put their clients’ interests first when recommending what to do with their retirement savings. But no one has defined what good advice actually means or how to accomplish it — until now.

Book Review: “Exploring Advice” Contains Insights from 39 Industry Thought Leaders


According to Kevin Knull, CFP®, the President of PIEtech, the developers of MoneyGuidePro financial planning software, the financial industry is undergoing a revolutionary shift driven by five key factors: The Department of Labor’s new regulations, asset management commoditization, fee compression, an increasingly competitive environment, and a more informed consumer. Given these trends, Knull felt there was need for a book to help improve the industry, so he crowdsourced a book that explores the aspects of a good financial plan and quality advice.

Exploring Advice: How to know if you’re delivering good advice and quality plans


Telcodium introduces first redundant power supplies using GaN FETS: Product of the Month


It’s finally happening: the first redundant power supplies using GaN FETs. They shrink the footprint by 30% and improve total system efficiency to 94%

Companies Lack Incentive to Cut Back Financial Disclosure


Regulatory efforts to reduce and improve information in corporate financial filings lack one important ingredient: incentives.

Pin4 Cardless Cash Payouts


Why Cash-Back Rewards Aren’t Just For Credit Card Companies Anymore


Loyalty programs are gaining steam as retailers of all sizes look to attract new customers and build relationships over the long term. From the simple coffee shop stamp and earning points toward free travel, to cashing in a rebate check toward a new smartphone and earning cash back, loyalty programs are being credited for everything from strengthening brand awareness to driving sales.

6 Ways to Protect Your Pocketbook From Sky-High Medical Bills


Dan McGrath, the co-founder of Jester Financial Technologies, a small health care data company in Beverly, Massachusetts, remembers being in the dentist office with his retired mother and realizing he’d made a grave mistake.